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Teachers Retirement System

TRS Financial Awareness Video Series

This week, TRS will release the final video in the financial awareness video series, “Understanding 403(b) Fees.” Like the other videos in the series, this video is aimed at helping our current members learn even more about retirement self-sufficiency.

The series introduces members to three interrelated themes:

One, what you have – your TRS defined benefit plan. Topics include how the TRS pension plan works and how to estimate your TRS retirement benefit. Spoiler alert: pension, benefit and annuity all mean the same thing!

Two, what you need – to save more. Topics include whether your TRS pension will provide enough income in retirement, and reasons why the answer is probably “no” – like the impact of inflation and the fact that you may not be eligible to participate in Social Security.

And three, how to get it – by saving smart. Topics include setting financial goals, enrolling in a 403(b) plan, taking advantage of compound interest, working with financial advisors, and more!

Some of the videos are more relevant to early and mid-career members, while others may be of more interest to members who are near retirement. However, no matter where you are in your career, you’ll find something valuable in every video. See below for the latest videos, and sign up for MyTRS  Email Subscriptions to be notified when new videos are released!​

Enrolling in a 403(b) Plan
Saving in a Tax-Deferred Plan
Compound Interest
Social Security
Financial Advisors
07_Should I Get a Refund?
06_Working Longer
05_Getting Retirement Ready
04_Setting Financial Goals
03_Estimating Your TRS Benefit
02_Will My TRS Pension Be Enough?
01_What Does TRS Do for Me?
00_Welcome - Introduction Video
Promotional Posters 2
New Videos
403(b) Video Disclaimer
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