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Teachers Retirement System

TRS Compact with Texans

The Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS) is committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction by delivering services consistent with our mission and in a manner that actively encourages honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior among our employees. The Compact with Texans describes TRS’ services, principles and process for filing complaints and requesting public information.

Response to Concerns & Complaints

Customer communications, including both complaints and concerns, are received by a knowledgeable representative who will respond to you by telephone, letter or email in a timely manner. The Customer Relations unit coordinates, assists with and follows up on complaint resolution within the agency. We consider a complaint as a communication that involves a dissatisfaction with TRS’ actions or inaction in service.  TRS strives to acknowledge all communications within five business days of receipt.

Customer Service Principles

TRS employees are committed to providing professional, accurate, timely, and cost-effective delivery of services and benefits to our members and annuitants. We strive to be sensitive, caring, and fair to those we serve and to our co-workers. We take pride in the work we perform, and we seek to continuously improve.
Customer Service Goals

  • Take prompt, attentive action to address customer needs.
  • Keep members and annuitants consistently and effectively informed of their benefits.
  • Follow through on tasks, meeting schedules and deadlines.
  • Use a considerate and tactful approach in serving customers.

Description of TRS Services

Our responsibilities include:

  • paying benefits to members and beneficiaries in a timely and efficient manner,
  • collecting member and state contributions and maintaining records of their accounts,
  • maintaining records of financial transactions and reporting them to the state and TRS members,
  • investing the pension trust fund prudently to pay benefits;
  • administering the insurance plans and retirement plan.

The Benefits Division is responsible for the delivery of member and annuitant benefits. These include:

  • service retirement and related benefits,
  • disability retirement and related benefits,
  • death and survivor benefits, and
  • health care and insurance benefits.

The Finance Division is responsible for maintaining an effective system of accounting, budgeting, and controls over TRS financial activities. The Finance Division also provides computer and staff services support for all divisions.
The Investment Division manages the investment of the system’s funds, following a clear philosophy and well-defined style and process to achieve desired long-term investment returns while controlling risk and managing costs.

Annual Performance Standards

(This information is currently being revised.)

Requests for Public Information

Please follow the Public Information Requests (pdf) for instructions on how to submit a public information request to TRS.


To Contact TRS:

All customer communications relating to TRS Compact with Texans may be directed to:
TRS Customer Relations
Teacher Retirement System of Texas
1000 Red River Street
Austin, Texas 78701-2698
Tel: 1-800-223-8778
Fax: 512-542-6529
Please fill out the following form:


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